Flintstone Cart?

Timber Jinker, early 1900s

This timber jinker was designed and handmade by George Albert Ellis, one of the first settlers to Moleton, Upper Orara, near Coffs Harbour. He was one of the first cedar cutters in the region. The cart would have been necessary to move cleared timber from the property so it could be farmed. It was later used to haul ore from his gold mine to the crusher and to carry corn from his fields to the barn. A team of bullocks was used to pull the cart.

The “Flintstone” design of the wheels meant that it was able to traverse rough terrain. The wheels were cut and shaped with an axe and adze, while the front section of the chassis has been cut from a piece of box log with the bearing portion incorporating a limb, which added strength to the design.


Who made the jinker and where did he live?

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