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Illuminated Address, 1906

In 1906, there was much excitement when Lord Northcote, the Governor-General of Australia (serving from 1904 to 1908), announced an official tour of the North Coast of New South Wales. This visit marked the first time a Governor-General had visited the region.

Aldermen from Port Macquarie, along with interested members of the public, gathered to plan the itinerary for the Governor-General’s visit, which included an overnight stay in the town. It was decided that an illuminated address would be presented to welcome Lord Northcote and commemorate the occasion. The community was called upon to make donations, and notable citizens made significant contributions.

Unfortunately, the Governor-General’s motor car tour was abandoned at Grafton due to inclement weather, much to the disappointment of the people of Port Macquarie and other North Coast towns. Lord Northcote had to return to Brisbane and then proceed to Sydney by rail. Upon receiving the news, the Port Macquarie News expressed its lament, stating, “A lot of bustle and expense for nothing.”

Similar sentiments were echoed along the coast. In Coffs Harbour, the town had been adorned with decorations, and a banquet was planned. The cancellation of the engagements due to the unforeseen circumstances left people feeling indignant, considering the effort and expense that had been invested.


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