To Wear or to Wave?

Flag Dress, 1915

In June 1918, people from all over the Manning district flocked to Tinonee for a Patriotic Sports Day and Procession. The local punt was kept busy as a long line of motor cars, sulkies, buggies, carts, horsemen, and pedestrians waited to cross the Manning River. Despite the crowd, everyone managed to make it across and witness the start of the procession. A large crowd assembled along the main street and lined the route to catch a glimpse of the spectacle. The Wingham Chronicle reported, “… a scene worth travelling many miles to see, as the procession came up the hill with its blaze of color standing vividly out against the background of the Manning and the farms along its banks…”

The patriotic procession was led by a banner carried by two returned soldiers, followed by numerous groups including school children, scouts, people of all ages in fancy dress, bands, fire brigades, and gaily decorated bicycles, sulkies, and cars. Among the participants was Amelia Ellis, who wore this dress made of flags in the procession. She also rode her decorated bicycle representing “England’s Allies.”


How did people get across the Manning River to Tinonee?

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