Hardacre Star Car, 1910

When George Hardacre purchased this Star Car in Sydney in 1911 for 450 pounds it marked a new era in public transport in the Coffs Harbour area. It became Coffs first motorized taxi and one of only three motorised vehicles in the area at the time.

Powered by a four-cylinder, 15 horsepower engine, the car could carry six passengers at a speed of up to 64kph.George was a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and committed to supporting the local economy and tourism. His taxi service took passengers from Coffs Harbour Jetty to Top Town, as Coffs Harbour was then known, with the Pier and Fitzroy Hotels being popular pick-up and drop-off points, charging three pence for the trip.

George would blow a horn that he had fashioned from a cow horn when he was ready to leave the Jetty and, coming up to a crossing, he would blow it again. The horn could be heard loud and clear all around the town. It was his signature call which he carried all over as he travelled the area as a tinker and carrier. The vehicle was also used for many official events, including chauffeuring dignitaries to the opening of the Brooklana Bridge in 1912.


How many passengers could the Starcar take?

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