The Big What?

Apron, Big Banana, 1960s

In 1964 Coffs Harbour banana grower John Landi wanted something to make passing traffic stop at his road side banana stall. With the assistance of a local engineer he set about designing a giant banana. Construction began in September and the 13 metre biggest banana in the world was officially opened in December that same year.

Soon after John Enevoldson joined as a partner and they expanded the business to include 20 more plantation acres, a shop, cafe and a larger car park. The tourist attraction has changed ownership several times over the past five decades and now incorporates an amusement park.

Souvenirs have been a large part of the retailing on site and this apron is part of the Coffs Harbour Museum collection that includes tea towels, jug, plates, teaspoons, shot glasses, trays and bottle openers. The attraction continues to sell souvenirs and a variety of banana products.

Modelled on the Big Pineapple in Hawaii, the Big Banana was one of Australian’s first big things. Another big thing on the Mid North Coast is Taree’s big oyster. Built in 1990, to pay homage to the historic oyster industry, the Big Oyster restaurant operated for just five years. The building is now a car dealership.


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