Metal Memento

Souvenir Spoon, 1950s

Souvenir spoons are the most prolific of small souvenirs sold and collected across Australia. As mementoes of a place or a ‘trophy’ of having been there, we have collected them with gusto. Nestled in their own presentation cases and easy to pack, they have made ideal gifts to parents, aunts and grandparents. Often displayed proudly in homes by people who have never and will never visit the places they portray.

The ornamental yet functional souvenir spoon might also be displayed in a purpose made wooden rack, to tell one’s own travel and adventure stories. Featuring tiny pictures of iconic scenes or abstract designs each teaspoon illustrates a place and travel story. Usually attached to the top of the teaspoon handle, or in this case, applied to the bowl of the spoon.

This spoon features Laurieton, a coastal town on the Mid North Coast and the largest town of the Camden Haven district. It lies between the base of North Brother Mountain and the Camden Haven River. It is a popular place for tourists, particularly amateur fishermen and those seeking water based holiday activities such as boating and along with tea towels, teaspoons have been the souvenir of choice for its visitors.


What mountain is in Laurieton?

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